Samari Utthan Sewa | HEALTH AND WELL-BEING
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Strategic Objective/Outcome 3: Promote physical, psychosocial, spiritual health and well-being of target groups

Sub-priorities: 1) SRHR of adolescents and young people 2) Mental health and psychosocial support 3) Nutrition of under-5 children, adolescent girls and women

Outcome indicators:

  • % Of adolescent and young people are aware and access their SRHR and services
  • % Of children, young and adults from SUS intervention areas improved well-being by reducing impact of mental and PSS health
  • % Of malnutrition of children and mother in SUS intervention reduced

Major Interventions:

  1. SRHR of adolescents and young people
  • Awareness and campaigning
  • Awareness raising programme (Maternal-Child-Health)
  • School Programme for SRHR
  • Empowerment education classes on SRHR
  • Campaign against early child-marriage and Kuritis through adolescent groups/SHGs
  1. Digital Literacy-platform on SRHR awareness
  • Youth and child club mobilization-youth including drama, use of social media
  • Capacity Development of CSOs, govt and private sector actors on
  • Linkages to govt and non-govt services for example health Camp- Prolapse, safe abortion and family planning services
  • Evidence-based Policy Advocacy: research, documentation, knowledge management and networking and advocacy
  • Media mobilization

3. Mental health and psychosocial support

  • Awareness: Story Telling of survivors
  • Capacity Development: Training on life skills (ToT-Community Leaders and Youths)
  • Service Delivery: PSS counselling services
  • Spiritual Camp-Psychosocial Counseling Centers
  • Digital platform for youths for Mental Health
  1. Evidence-based Policy Advocacy, and linkage:
    • policy advocacy at all level
    • linkages of support services to govt, CSOs and private sector
  • Research on Mental Health (Caste & Gender Discrimination-Dalit)
  1. Nutrition of under-5 children, adolescent girls and women
    • Critical Awareness:
  • Community Kitchen Teaching
  • Local nutritional food catalog (Musahar and Chepang)
  • Food festival in partnership public and private sectors
    • Capacity Development of govt and non govt stakeholders
  • Service Delivery: Kitchen Gardening support
  • Evidence-based Policy Advocacy and Linkage
  • Linkages of social security/government services
  • Research and documentation
  • Research on nutritional status, food security
  • Best practice documentation