Samari Utthan Sewa | About Us
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About Us

Samari Utthan Sewa (SUS) a national non government and nonprofit organization established in 2008 with a goal to uplift the oppressed and poor community especially Dalits, women and landless people. Besides, it also focuses on HIV AIDS, Disable and Gender. SUS mainly works for the upliftment and empowerment of oppressed and poor community focusing on Institutionalization and Development of local community, Livelihood and Income generation activities (IGA), Health, Sanitation and Education, Awareness on Environment protection and disaster preparedness, Legal & Right issues. It firmly believes on empowerment through enhancement on capacity building, awareness raising, advocating and networking. SUS is registered in District Administration Office (DAO) of Chitwan (DAO Regd: 73/064/65) and also been affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) (SWC Affiliation no: 24740). It has its Liaison office at Man Bhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal and 4 site offices in Madi, Badarjhula, Punarbas and Babiya- Birta.


Initially the Uplift program – empowerment and community development program focused on poor and oppressed communities (Landless and Dalits) of Chitwan and Punarbas in Sarlahi district was executed under Human Development & Community Services (HDCS), from 2005 to 2007. The objective of the uplift program was the “People of Badarjhula and Punarbas are able to control their lives and the status of living is good”. The uplift team sought a common team of young and energetic people with common goal to form an organization named Samari Utthan Service (SUS) that focuses for the empowerment and development of oppressed and poor community. Since 2008, it has been executing the Uplift Program by itself. Now, SUS has been running Uplift Community Development and Empowerment Project (UP-CDEP) in Badarjhula and Madi of Ayodhyapuri VDC, Chitwan district, Punarbas and Netragunj of Sarlahi district, and Babiya-Hokla of Morang district.


SUS is also the member of Micah Network.



Equitable, Just and Sustainable society.



To empower oppressed (dalit, women and landless) community to support for the creation of equitable, just and sustainable society.



  • To raise aware on dalits, women and land rights.
  • To regular lobby, advocacy for the rights on dalits, women, and landless community.
  • To provide trainings, support on health, education, food security, income generation, environment, legal rights.